To be inaurgurated

26 September 2015


Last night I went to an inauguration ceremony for all new Utah CPA's.  Despite that I received my license last June.  But their cut-off dates are all skewy, so there I was, getting recognized for being a "new" licensee, even though I'm kind of not.

It was great.

Last Tuesday, Ryan and I met an elderly missionary couple at Costco.  And the man inquired of Ryan what he did for a profession, and then he turned to me and asked how I liked being a housewife.  HAHAHA!  What?  You know we don't have children, so you don't even assume I have a retail job, just straight to wife homebody?  Okay, well, actually I'm a CPA and I bruised my tailbone from studying so hard to get that thing, so I hope you can recognize my ability to offer mental sacrifices, ALSO, to this world.  I just believe in people with passions.  Passions of any sort.  Just something that they woooork hard for.  And there is no greater gift than giving them honor in it.

So it felt really good to be present last night in an environment where men and women alike are proud of themselves and their hard work.  I felt safe there to just own it.  It's so SO great to be proud of yourself - I love that feeling.

And also it was the night of ComicCon, so the hotel where I got my car valeted (because why not when you're getting a free $75 meal?), was the location for many ComicCon attendees.  It was very enjoyable for me to see all the costumes.

So at the ceremony, we awkwardly ate hors d'oeuvres at these little stand-up tables and small talked with each other.  It was a situation where everyone seemed to know each other, but I was the newbie.  I felt horribly uncomfortable, and I kept checking my phone to watch the minutes pass.  But then I was asked to share more about myself, and I got the table laughing several times - accounting jokes -- so I relaxed and felt a lot more comfortable.  Then we moved into a larger room, and began on our feast.  Then listened to the keynote speaker who was a local winner on American Warrior Ninja, after discovering his wife had a terminal one-of-a-kind illness.  She sat in her wheelchair next to him, and they took turns sharing their story.  Interesting.  Very sad though.

Then the award ceremony began, and a number of recognized CPA's went to the front of the room.  I scoffed from the way the officiators would hand them the award, but then white-knuckle that thing and refuse to release it to the recipient until both had sufficiently posed for the camera in front of them.  I whispered to another new Inaugurate next to me that I find this to be so political.  Then my name was called, and I went up to pose with the large, white-haired man, and a skinny, colorfully-dressed lady.  Who are they?  Who knows.  Because they didn't tell us, but we are to assume they are important since they need to be recognized handing over every award.  I mean, could they knight us or something?  That might give us more of a connection to them.

And then, after all was said and done, and everyone was saying their goodbyes - because our dinner table was actually really entertaining and pleasant getting to know everyone - I lolly-gagged back at the table, pretending to be rummaging in my purse.  Once everyone had turned their backs to the table, I took the cloth napkin in my lap, and full-fisted the pile of lemon cheesecake still sitting on my dessert plate, and then I quickly shoved it in my purse.  Just then, one of the couples from our table came back to congratulate me again.  My hand was still in my purse, so I told them I was looking for my keys.  "Perhaps you should dump your purse on the table to see if you can find them?" said the lady.  "HAHA!..  no."  I said.  "Oh, ya know what, I just remembered I got valet parking, so I don't even have my keys."  And then I rushed passed them, retrieved my car, and drove home.

And Ryan greatly enjoyed his lemon cheesecake.

Sidenote - that food must have sat heavy in my stomach last night, because at some point in the middle of the night, Ryan's arm pressed down on my hip, and I was certain that was his gesture to wake me up because it was my turn to feed the kittens.  So after waking up, I didn't get out of bed and willed myself back to sleep, not because I realized we don't HAVE any kittens to feed, but because I didn't want to until morning.

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