My Thoughts on Marriage

23 October 2015

What do I think about marriage? 

To have the best marriage  - sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice.
And when you do things wrong - accountability accountability accountability.
Sometimes marriage puts my most inferior self right in front of me - not something I want to see or claim.

But what do I know about the baptismal covenant, and how does this help me understand the sealing covenant?

You have to fold your ego to be accountable.

But we were raised to have strong egos - that was our survival instinct as babies - "I, I, I."  And even as young children, you understand everything in reference to yourself.  You are the center of the universe.  Your universe.
It's the brain functions developing.  We are all ego.

But then, suddenly at age 8, a psychologically split happens with our egos, and we become more self-aware.  Also, this is the age by which God feels our accountability has ripened enough to think distinctly enough to fold our egos and claim our behaviors.  We enter the baptismal covenant and promise to be accountable.

And now in marriage, we take that one step further, promising to again fold our egos and claim our behaviors.  This time not just to God.  But also another human, our beloved spouse.

It's a stair step of covenants building upon covenants.  And it all magnifies our progression as we learn to:

sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.

be accountable, be accountable, be accountable.

Upward and onward,

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