We see as we are

17 October 2015

 We don't see things as they are.
We see them as we are.

The yellow crumpled post-it note, with those word written clearly across the top, floats around my car.  Sometimes in a place I can readily see it; sometimes tucked away if I've cleaned out the console cup holders for guests.  But the yellow never goes far against the dark grey interior, like a starkly lit reminder of the real reality.

And then this truth hit me again.  In a new way, causing more understanding and a jolt.  I was showering in a condo in Vegas, an airbnb trip that Ryan and I were really enjoying.

Everything is only a perception of our own identity.

The people around me, the experiences I encounter.  The way certain situations or ways people ground me, or the way they really repel and exhaust me.  I enjoy some people so greatly because they reflected magnificent pieces of myself.  And I find others to stir me up because of they they reflect my traumas back to me.  And once I identify the piece of me that is reflected, it becomes a moment of very clear awakening and gratitude, or a moment of learning what thorns within me need some unraveling.

So instead of living as though life and people are just happening TO me; I am living as though life is happening within me.

Upward and onward,

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