Autumn trip to Moab

23 November 2015

Ryan and I took a nice fall roadtrip down to Moab this weekend.  Ryan's brother was the lead in his high school play, and so the family decided to recruit everyone to be in attendance, and also enjoy a nice Thanksgiving meal while we were all in town. 

Since Ryan's family is quite large, and ever growing as new people marry in, not everyone can fit in his parents home, so Ryan and I were the lucky winners to stay in the Sunflower Hill Inn.  Which is the Bed and Breakfast that Ryan's family owns and operates.  We stayed in the "Apple Cellar" room, which was basically the size of our apartment back home.  It was a perfect autumn cottage get-a-way.

Everything at the bed and breakfast follows this country cottage theme, and soft music plays in the lobby all the time, and you are at liberty to eat as many of the cook's desserts and snacks, and borrow the movies from the office, or take and leave some books in their lounge area.  And the innkeeper just goes about his duties of raking the leaves and smiling at you.  It's such bliss.  Until you're sitting at the table in the commons area at 10pm, snacking on cookies and hot chocolate with your husband, and some hippie man sneaks into the room in nothing but his bathrobe and tries to covertly return a candle to the center piece of your table. 

And as for the play that Neal was starring in, he blew it out of the water.  It was Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat, which was Ryan and I's first time seeing it, and it was awesome!  Neal's voice was levels above anyone else's, particularly the 11 brothers.  Who were cracking and going flat all over the place.  It was great.

Then we enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving meal, and I taught Ryan's family my favorite game - Psychiatrist!

It was a perfect weekend.

Upward and onward,


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