Shine bright, shine far

08 November 2015

I am a shining light.

That is what I repeat to myself generously throughout the day.  And I can feel the energy in my body shift immediately to incorporate that belief.

I recently took a three-day course on discovering limiting beliefs that are directly inhibiting us.  First find them by observing the dissatisfying results in our lives.  Then take the results, trace it to the thoughts, back to the emotion, and down to the deeply-rooted belief.  Then flip that belief around and stamp out a present tense phrase to replace that space.  I do work like this in meditation daily, but after this course, I now have even more tools to flip the subconscious beliefs that leave me feeling disarmed and reactive, to feeling in control and settled and utterly abundant from all that I am.

It is inevitable to be snagged at some point inside a collapsed tent of resentments, scarcity mentality, and insecurity.  And to brawl inside the tent for time upon time, solidifying that life just is this way.  But oh! to have a completely rewritten past, shed all resentment, have complete access to all the resources we desire, feel complete joy and control over our life at hand.  An upshift in our deepest essences.


Perhaps, the agreements we've made with ourselves about reality are mostly phantoms.  Phantom beliefs that we chose ourselves into.  So, likely we can choose ourselves back out.  No longer life is happening to us but life is happening for us and because of us.  The entire world shifts energy...

only because, the beliefs inside our very own minds have been re-chosen. 

And for me,

I am a shining light!

I feel it. 

Just this morning, as Ryan and I silently did Sunday studies next to each other, I noticed that because I am really believing that I am emitting so much light, I can feel the light of all else being emitted back to me too.  The books I read emit their light into me.  The light of intelligence from the authors are gracious to me for receiving them.  The light from Ryan, as another spiritual being on my journey, surrounds my whole body.  The trees outside my window emitting their light joyfully into my home.  Even, thinking about that one person in my past who severely hurt me, I can feel his light offering me graciousness and a bow of respect.

I feel entirely adorned.  And I know God is the facilitator of this exchange in so much abundant light.

I am a shining light!
And in believing so, everything shines its light joyfully back to me.

Upward and onward,

PS - the title of this post... anyone know the song source?  (Hint: Tyra Banks and Lindsey Lohan movie about a barbie that comes to life)  hahaha!  If yes, can I come to your house and we do the dance in your living room?  It'll be like a christening for your home.



  1. so good. and please come dance it out with me in my home!

  2. This is so beautiful! I need to more intentionally LIVE this. Please chat with me sometime about it! I am all ears. LOVE LOVE LOVE.