Building a home and beautiful love

27 December 2015

We drove out of North Ogden canyon right at the peak of the day, heading home from a Christmas vacation in Eden.  The sun was bright and the snow on all the pine trees was breathtaking.

We stopped at a couple places on the drive home to pick up items for our house. Of which, one stop was to get a washer and dryer. 

We arrive home and warm ourselves up to a steamy plate of chunky veggie spaghetti, both dancing around the kitchen as we do our part in preparing the meal.  We clean up for awhile, continuing to find new places for thing, and then we endeavor to unload the washer and dryer from the bed of Ryans truck. After heaving and hauling and pushing and pulling, hoisting and holding, Ryan says, "let's never do that again." We agree that we'll call someone next time. But Ryan and I do make a good team. My patience was so strong today, and I have felt completely relaxed at every inconvenience and strain. Ryan is that way always. 

Then we sit side-by-side on our couch, and while he finishes up some work, I read next to him with my arm around him and lots of kisses on the cheek. 

It is an amazing feeling to build a home with someone. How we are away from the world, in this huge house, just the two of us. Really, just the two of us. No family near. The city a ways away.  And our neighborhood feeling so quiet and distant from us. So we sit all alone in a huge room in the dim mass of night, snuggling on the couch. I thought of how much Ryan trusts me, mainly emotionally.  How I hold so much stewardship over his well-being.  How a spouse really believes in the commitment and devotion of the other.  That thought was so powerful to me!  So I turned to him and told him these thoughts and that I want to be the best companion for him that he can imagine.

I want to bottle this feeling of being so united and intimate and in love with the one you're with. All day, as we gather and build our home and lives together, I am so grateful to be with Ryan. He is a man I truly respect and admire.

And right now, he is building a mouse trap to catch the little rodent I saw scurry across the kitchen. He's so industrious and brilliant.

And I love him.

Upward and onward,

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