Lucky to be with Ryan

13 December 2015

I am so lucky to be married to Ryan.  I am lucky to be married, period.  I hope to never forsake what a blessing it is to be inside this covenant.  I paid my dues in the world of dating and heart ache and abandonment and divorce and grief, and I am SO lucky to have been given the opportunity to find someone so synchronous with myself and settle in permanently and safely.  Someone who is so true and dedicated to this huge commitment.  In sickness and in health; in poverty and wealth; in stressful times and times of still flow.  I love the security with Ryan.  Love the stability.  I love the way that this marriage has opened life's doors of progression in an exciting way.

And I'm lucky that I am bound with Ryan.  He and I truly balance each other in the most personally crucial ways.  My greatest flaws tango well with his greatest strengths, and vice versa.  We teach each other, we support each other, we so deeply admire the other person.  Just this morning, as Ryan was holding me on the couch because I felt bogged down with fertility and homebuying and lease-selling, and he held me and said, "we like to support each other.  That is why we got married in the first place isn't it?  You love supporting me, and I love supporting you.  And that's all we need to do right now."

He is so patient and loving.  Always.  This man never has a sour mood.  He's so laidback and chill.  It makes life so easy to operate. He also encourages me so much. 

And also, I love that he loves to sleep in so late.  Because I LOVE early, early mornings on the weekend and being in the stillness of free, unencumbered, and completely alone quiet time.  As I am now, just thinking about him.

Upward and onward,


  1. Those pictures are stunning. Where did you find them? Who is the artist?