Primary Pianist

13 December 2015

I would like to take up piano again.  I used to be fairly good as a child.  My favorite song was Fur Elise.

I will miss my calling in this ward - the short time I've had it  -

Primary Pianist. 

A Sunday never went by where I messed up playing a song because I was laughing so hard at the children's singing.  Particularly the junior primary.  I mean really, could that little boy in the front row scream the words any louder?  And then the children around him shrieking louder so they can hear their own voices.  It just sounds so much like a circus out there over my piano piano that I start laughing, and I laugh harder and harder until I'm playing all the notes wrong. 

And I love the chorister, who is also my visiting teachee.  Because she's like Mrs. Frizzle, sewing her own clothes and wearing outfits each week that match her theme.  Turkeys on thanksgiving, Santa Claus around Christmas.  That's exactly how the primary chorister should be in every ward.  She's so relaxed and chill.  And also, sidenote, the landscape plantar boxes that neighborhoods have down the middle of the roads - for trees and shrubs and such.  She uses them for her garden.  Which I asked her about when I noticed pumpkins growing in the street by her house.  "Oh those are mine.  No one has said anything so I figure why not?" Ha!

Also, since singing time is really only 20 minutes for the two primary blocks, I will miss my self-taught lessons in the back of the room.  Generally only during senior primary because during junior primary, I'm too busy laughing at all the jambling children.  Like the boy who was wiggling around in his chair so much that it slipped right out from under him and he landed on his butt.  Haha!

But the chorister and I sit side-by-side, and she knits, while I read and write.  I love how we turn to our natural hobbies, as if we're sitting in our own houses.  I always read Daughters In My Kingdom.  I LOVE that book.  Eliza R. Snow sounds like the most confident and efficient woman in the world.

So to bid adieu to this calling, I leave you with some highlights I scribed in my notebook during my time in this primary:

-the little girl bearing who testimony.  (and you must know her personality - wears pink every week and has the demeanor of a 16 year old):  "I know my mom and dad love me.  And I know that when I go to fun places, everyone there will love me too."

-the little girl, who's hair is always in her face, slowly rising behind the primary pulpit, her mouth in a wide-closed- scary grin, staring straight out to the crowd without blinking.  It was freaky.  And then she read a very nice scripture.

-"you can't wrap a gift and give it to Jesus because he's INVISIBLE." - some little boy.

Upward and onward,

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