Happy Birthday to the world's hunkiest husband

31 January 2016

Last night, Ryan and I went out on a hugely-anticipated date for his birthday!

His birthday was exactly 20 days prior, but don't let that reflect poorly on my knack for good wifery.  Rather, let that speak for how much I find value in the feeling of "anticipation."  I quoted that because some could argue it is not a true emotion.  It is.  Those types of people have clearly never held a full bladder for 7 hours on a roadtrip, and then finally stopped at a Chinese buffet in Oregon and felt two full glorious minutes of alleviation.  So, obviously I get the power of anticipation.  Which is why Ryan and I went out on a birthday date on the last non-Sabbath day of January to make sure we revered in a proper, long-awaited celebration!

And also, Ryan and I are both just super laid back so we could have celebrated his 32nd birthday in July and it would have been just as happy.

For birthday celebrations:

We went to Joe's Crab Shack.  Although Ryan messed up the title once and said "Joe's Shab Crack," and now every time we refer to that restaurant, the title morphs further into spoonerisms, and now I'm afraid to say anything anymore.

We went there because last year when we dating, I took Ryan to Red Lobster for his first time on his birthday, and it was so much fun!  So I suggested a new seafood restaurant this year that neither of us had tried before.  And the verdict:  Ryan loved it!  (I did too, but only the birthday people's opinions matter right now).  After spending an hour breaking open crab legs and refraining ourselves from just drinking the garlic butter, we left the restaurant extremely satisfied.  I get an insane high whenever I try a new restaurant or have any sort of new experience.  I loooove doing new things.  Also, Ryan's hands smelled like Cajun seasonings for the rest of the night, and eventually mine did too.  I liked it.
We didn't take any pictures, except for this one of Ryan standing on a chair in a Hawaiian costume, writing his name with his butt, while the servers sang him Happy Birthday.  It was supreme entertainment.

(Last year's birthday dinner).

Afterwards, we proceeded onto the movie theater to watch Star Wars.  But first, stopping on the way to get our new favorite snack food - honey mustard pretzels.  I bought them at the grocery store on a whim several weeks ago to surprise Ryan with a little snack for all his hard work on the house.  But then we ended up ripping the bag wide open and swallowing the contents whole and licking the remains like hyenas.  And now, our little movie snack.

We really enjoyed the movie.  Each time we go see a play or a movie, we talk about what we liked, and this movie, I was thrilled at how they developed the lead as a smart, quick-witted, problem solver female, and the supporting role as a sensitive, thoughtful, courageous male.  It embraced the dynamics of men and women, leaving us not so static as having just one-sided gender specific personalities.  Qualities are so interchangeable; I see that in Ryan and I. 

Ryan and I were super happy on the way home.  Love is just dripping in the air around here.  It's hard to understand how love keeps feeling more expansive when I keep thinking I've reached my capacity.  But I just keep loving Ryan more and more.  We are a good pair, alike in sooo many ways, balancing each other in other ways, and learning from each other.  I married a good man. A good, good man.  The kind who holds me in every emotion and comforts me when I'm scared or sad.  The kind who has a true and unjudging heart, accepting and patient with every person. I'm grateful every single day to have found him, and I'm insanely lucky to be in a committed and safe marriage.  I will never ever take this for granted.


Here's to many more birthdays and new experiences together.  I love you so so much.

Upward and onward,

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  1. It really was the PERFECT birthday! Thanks for an awesome birthday and such a nice blog post :)

  2. And thanks for not posting a VIDEO of the birthday Hawaiian dance haha :)