Hello 2016: peace be to my soul

17 January 2016

On Mara's blog, she outlined her learning curve towards slowing down and making her personal spirit more enlarged and sturdy.  I appreciated her reflections so much.  Because this is my 2016!  2016 is all about PEACE for me.  And that restful sensation is always culminated within.  Here is her learned wisdom for settling into that place inside:

  • I started making myself a priority. If I had a doctor or acupuncture appointment, I would step away and do it, leaving behind a pile of work, knowing that nothing was more important than my health. 
  • I had to let go of other "identities" that were ruling my life. i.e. being successful; being on top of things always; being a super star. The new identity was - I have love for myself and I'm going to care for myself. 
  • I exuded more self-respect for myself. Instead of, "Sure, I'll do that." It was more like, "I've got to head out at 6 pm today. So I'll jump on this first thing tomorrow."
How relevant for me!  I am such a long-term visionary person.  An investor of my time, energy, and money.  I sacrifice and sacrifice and sacrifice now so that I can have future security. Which means I'm disciplined and focused. Buuuut.  That means I forego a lot of simple and innocent impulses.  So, Heavenly Father's grand guidance for me through Ryan's blessings says phrases like "allowing myself to just do something joyful today."  So the scriptures that are like: "today eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you die," everyone at church is like DON'T BE LIKE THAT!  And Heavenly Father is like, "um, you should actually take that into consideration once in a while."  haha!

So I'm all about strong boundary lines of self-careBecause that paces me; that keeps me enjoying the peace and beauty of today!  I always uphold my sacred morning hours everyday, where I work out, study scriptures, and meditate for 2 hours, because this is my beautiful peace time. 

And now is the time to really uphold that.  In the world of CPA's, year-end all the way through tax season is demanding.  And lately, I have felt immense trepidation towards all the work ahead of me, knowing my life will be professionally dense for a couple months.  So I am taking many proper measures to ensure that I stay as grounded and peaceful as possible.  Including -

----After I work-out every morning, I study the scriptures on our office floor (we have an office now!  my vision board is manifesting!), and that oxytocin does something to my spiritual soul because I am so alive during that time.  I have found an incredible affinity toward the book of Mormon.  Not The Book of Mormon, but just Mormon's actual little excerpt.  That man is a writer, and I am so fascinated that his writing voice is distinctly different from all the others.  And here I am praying for peace, and then I read about his sober mind while living amidst all the brutal wars of his people.  If that man can have peace during that, I can certainly radiate with internal stillness doing this busy season for me.

---I have been writing out my morning prayers every morning.  Putting my yearnings to paper feel like they are much more solid and focused pleadings to my Father in Heaven.  And boy has it done wonders.  That man has my back, and He is the soother of my soul daily.  I have noticed such a difference inside of me by asking and earnestly desiring His support above all.

---I am studying peace, meditating for peace, and have a notebook that is properly dedicated to the ascension above tension.  Every morning, I write in my journal what I'm experiencing and learning.  I'm reading The Untethered Soul right now (for the second time), and I am a firm believer in enlightened living.  This is giving me so much insight to write about.

Here's to 2016 and overflowing with peace and rest!

Upward and onward,

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  1. I gotta read that book! I love your thoughts, so inspiring. Good luck with your busy season, you brave soul!