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31 January 2016

Every three days, I text my brother Devin and ask for more pictures of his little girl, Camberli.  One time my brother replied with a selfie showing his recent surgery wound - a huge slit across his neck.  He had to have surgery to help with his sleep apnea.  Some work was done inside his nose, and apparently it was necessary for the doctors to slit his throat while they were at it.  My brother explained it all in a text, but I was too overcome with grief that his picture text DID NOT include Cami that I quickly insisted we move back onto a topic that was more important.  Like the girth of Cami's baby belly.

Anyway, it is now time for me to clean out my phone's memory by uploading my 1,333 photos onto my laptop, and what do you know - 900 of them are of Cami.  Okay that's not totally true.   I have also become that person who takes pictures of her food.  Because Ryan and I cook all the time, making all sorts of delicious foods, and instead of writing down the recipe, I take a picture of it for later reference.  It actually works surprisingly well.

Anyway, I have to share these photos of Cami with you guys because she has these expressive eyebrows that just slay me.  I am so obsessed with her!!  She has almond-shaped eyes like her mama Kara, and this super big and easy grin, just like Devin.  I think she is the cutest baby in all the land, and I fear that someday when I have children, I will forget about them because I will still be too busy flipping through my Cami collages.  Except, my children will probably have Ryan's lips and my freckles, and then I will become the most annoying mother on the planet by putting them in glass showcase boxes and toting them around at Costco, or whatever proud mothers do.

But, back to Cami for now.  Please bask with me:




Naughty little Cami.

Grandpa tries to put Cami's Christmas present together under the pressure of her strict oversight.  She reigns from her bumbo.
 Cami gets going on her New Year's Resolutions before the rest of us.
 Cami "crawls."

Cami is such a joy.  I've actually only met her once - that's crazy to think about.  But I will be asking for pictures of her until she is 47, because I think she is so stellar.

Upward and onward,

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