Being in someone's circle of powerful influence

07 February 2016


I have come across one.

I believe that having a mentor - a relatable, admirable, and wise superior - is one of the best ways to square our shoulders and stand taller into our best selves.

I have so many that I admire and so many that I am grateful for.  But I recently found a woman whose theories, education, and story just speak to me and make my soul sing.  I found her through my daily emails with Hay House, a foundation started because of the work of Louis Hay and the power of meditations.  This company is the only one that I can stand to receive daily emails from.  I am the fastest unsubscriber in the world, undoubtedly.  But not Hay House.  I enjoy watching videos and reading about the authors who publish their words through this company.  I love their practices and principles.  And one week, Christiane Northrup was their feature.  I gleaned every one of her videos, watching them two times each.  She talked about our ability as women to be ageless godesses through our health and our thoughts.  Her wisdom was backed by her doctorate studies and work in the medical field, and also by her personal experiences in life, some very painful.  I couldn't get enough of her.

So I downloaded her book on audible - Goddesses Never Age, and I have been listening during my work commute and loving it!  I intend to study as much of her publishings and online videos as I can, deeming her as my mentor.  And so she will be until the time comes that my soul needs to radiate in someone else's energy.  And, I will have it be noted that Christiane Northrup is the first person to ever get their own board on my Pinterest wall.  So that's a big deal.

Upward and onward,

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