When dogs bite and bees sting, and you're feeling sad..

09 April 2016

This morning I went for a run in the sun.  Running in the springtime is one of my most favorite things!  I'm so glad I gave myself this time.

I've been in a funk lately.  Working on extreme high for all of tax season has completely wiped me out.  Good thing there is one week left, and then I am going to petition for an 8 year recovery period.  I need at least one massage for every tax return I've processed, so it's going to be a long time before I am remotely sturdy as a human being again.

I know Heavenly Father is watching out for me, though.  Because I will have a really melancholy night, and then the next morning, a couple close friends will reach out to me and check in with me.  I am so so grateful for friends who are close to the spirit and who freely offer love, in spite of whatever busyness is happening in their own life.

And also, I forgot what else happens inside of a human's brain besides taxes.  What else exists in the world?  Perhaps someone should mail me a book for a two-year old that goes through easy things and has lots of colors.  "Yellow peony.  Fat whale."  And then I will slowly begin to recall other things.  And perhaps, I will stop having nightmares about the Internal Revenue Service.  (Do you believe me now regarding what a dire state I'm in?)

So anyway, here are some things that bring me joy:


This blog - Color Me Katie.  It is inactive, but I randomly click through it sometimes.  So free-willed, colorful, and spontaneous.  I love people that are so awake to life!

This quote from another blog I read - Design for Mankind.  What a simple piece of wisdom to break free of a personal dumpy place:

I read a story a few years ago, about a teenage girl in a dark season of anger, of acting out, of rebellion. Her father didn’t know what to do, and he sought counsel from a wise and loving friend who said this:

Offer her a bigger story than the one she’s writing herself.
So the dad planned a trip, and they went traveling around the world together.  She was no longer angry and sad.

My niece, Cami:


The sunrises out our back window each morning:

Working out in front of the sunrise each morning.  I am SO grateful for a body that can work out.  Because fitness is the most happy and wonderful thing to me. 

Morning love notes from Ryan:

 Ryan, again.  :)

 And, this picture of a bunny:

 Upward and onward,


  1. Wow, this really puts it in perspective, huh? Tax season has been incredibly demanding. It's amazing how much work can start to dominate your mind 24/7 when you are putting in long, hard hours. Pounding out tax returns isn't something you can give 50% or 80% on--you've gotta be focused the entire time. That's got to be so mentally strenuous. It will be so nice to get life back in balance! I can't believe how hard you've been working and how much you have accomplished over the last three months! You're such a strong woman. Love you!

  2. I LOVE YOU!! :) You deserve a thousand massages and also a super nice meditation session.