A day in the good life

08 July 2016

What a great day.

I borrowed Ryan's truck to go to Salt Lake City and close a client's monthly financials.  (Because his AC is better than mine).  I repeated mantras on the way there.  Little steps of self-improvement I've been guiding through lately.  They arise as a I see a need for some strengthening within myself.  Earlier in the week, I was guided by:  "I hear my intuition, and I stand by it boldly."  Another later in the week, "I have a strong mind."

At my client site, I was on the highest of my game.  I worked so focused and so confidently.  I was very open and direct with good communication.  I thought what a powerful employee I would be if I were this top-notch always.  I left proud of my work.  That is the best feeling.

Then I made some stops along the route home, including getting baby's crib and a bunch of organizational items, so I can get down to business this weekend on our home!  Rachel called me during my errands to share a new opportunity that would change everything for her.  Requiring her to sell her car and move to another country.  Her energy; her passion.  I LOVE her whole essence so so much!  She has so much enthusiasm.  Ryan tells me that sales, in business, is the transfer of enthusiasm.  I love that!  Rachel sells me on living life to its fullest.

When I finally arrive home, the appliance delivery guys were installing a set of appliances for our rental unit downstairs.  I made friendly conversation with them.  Remarking about the weather, about their jobs.  It felt good to freely converse with people.  I haven't sought hardly any company lately, except for the occasional very close friend.  I'm in a high tide of introversion.

All in all, a simple, run-of-the-mill day.  But it was fully of excellent little moments.

Upward and onward,

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  1. I remember that day, mainly because my back was soaked with sweat driving around in your car haha! Glad we got that A/C fixed!

    You do have a strong mind and great intuition. And I feel so blessed to be your husband so I can hang out with you so much even when you're introverted :)