Yellowstone for the 4th of July

09 July 2016

Out of the last four weekends, Ryan and I have gone camping for three of them!  And during the weeks, we have been working on some incredible home improvement projects, as well as regular jobs and home upkeep.  It has been a really fantastic month for us!

For the 4th of July weekend, we went to Yellowstone National Park, camping nearby in the Rainbow Point campgrounds, right on Hebgen Lake.  We began the weekend by all meeting at a play in Yellowstone - Mary Poppins.  Cami loved the music in the play!  She'd flap her arms and was very attentive.  Except Trevor, my whole family was there.  Even sets of my grandparents were there, and a friend from a former job who now lives in Texas - yes, very random, haha!

Then my family drove to the campgrounds and set up camp across two campsites.  Ryan and my dad made their way to the lake for some fishing.  I love Ryan's passion for fishing!  I love eating his fish.  Meanwhile, I made myself comfy back at camp with my family of readers.  Seriously we'd all talk for a bit, and then gradually each disappear behind our novel.  And we could sit there all day just reading with each other.  Save Cami as our entertainment, and my frequent bathroom breaks.  Brennan was my buddy the whole time.  He gave me frequent hugs and even braided my hair!

One day, we went into Yellowstone.  It was Ryan's first time, and I loved experiencing it with him.  Luckily we saw one buffalo on our way out of the park!  Yellowstone means 3 things to me:  buffalo, Old Faithful, and sulfur scents.

Then on our last night, Ryan cooked up about half of the fish he caught, and we had a fishy feast!  My family loves his cooking, and I love watching Ryan prepare all the food; he had 3 frying pans going at once, ha!  Then half of my family went to see the fireworks in Yellowstone. 

The next morning, it was time to pack up camp and head back to our homes.

Pretty weekend, yummy food, good company.  I LOVE camping with Ryan.

Upward and onward,

Aaaand, Cami turned one :))  She is such a relaxed baby and does the most hilarious forced laugh!

Trip Reading:

Rating ***** (out of 5 stars)

Plot line is okay and characters are mildly more enticing.  However, the themes and lessons are pretty good.  And the writing itself - PHENOMENAL!  This woman knows how to write so descriptively and beautifully.  She is one of the best writers I've ever encountered, and I would love to read her journal.  I'll definitely read this book again to soak in her extraordinary way with words.

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  1. Such a fun weekend! Can't wait to go again next year!