A Mighty Sermon

05 August 2016

I was struck by an interesting scripture story last night. 

In the Americas, while Christ is still alive and teaching in the Middle East, there is a huge shift in the people.  These people were once so just and good, and now they have murdered their government and are all dividing into tribes with their family and friends, deciding they would rather have power among themselves than with the judges.  They don't care about the Gospel anymore.  Except Nephi, who remains so spiritually in tune, so much so that he basically studies with angels every day.  Then he goes and preaches to the people with such authority that these hard-hearted people can't NOT listen to him and believe him.  That's how strongly he believes in what he is teaching that he can 180 all these people's hearts on the spot.  That blows my mind.  What a solid testimony.  I would love to hear his sermon!  I wish the guy had a video camera and YouTube.

(3 Nephi 7)

Upward and onward,

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