What you dwell on, expands

29 August 2016

This evening, Ryan came through the door talking to his mom on the phone.  While I matted pictures in our Family Room, he sat across from me in the blue chair, swinging his legs over the arm rest, and continued catch up with his mom.  Depending on his answers, I could tell what she had just asked him about.

She had asked him about business, and Ryan's response struck me.  He told her that of course work is always full of up's and down's.  And the company did just run into a bit of a snag, but overall, the company continues to move up and up, and he is pleased with the growth and the progress.

Well, I happen to know what that snag is. And I know for a fact that if it were me talking to my mom, I would have broken open the details and riled myself up with a slue of complaining  The conversation would have ended with a total downward energy.

But, Ryan has a way of keeping proper perspective on things and always seeing the best, propelling the energy always upward.  Not just in people, but in life.  And not because he's not being "real," which is what I've tricked myself into believing about myself.  I'm just being "real" as I think negative thoughts and complaints.  When people ask me how things are going about a topic, in my efforts to be "real," I actually just unload the dirty underside.  I could reveal the top coat, which is just as reveal, and propels the energy in a better place.  Ryan always pursues a more positive energy in how he views everything, and I know that comes back to him in more goodness.  I know when I dwell on the negative, it keeps expanding.

So for that night, I committed to never opening my mouth if a negative thought came through.  And if it did, I consciously flipped it around to a positive lens. It really did wonders on the confidence I feel towards my own life!  For all the downward thoughts I feel, I can always, always, always find the upward side of it.

I am making a firm commitment to doing this.


10/26/2016 - On a later note, this positivity that I see in Ryan is something I have really focused on in myself.  It has made such a difference!  I always express to Ryan when I see this quality in him, and it is all. the. time.  And I have noticed a shift in my own views - the same things I saw before, I now see in a much better way.  I'm really grateful for this improved momentum in my life.

Upward and onward,


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  1. Thank you. I appreciate the nice things you said in this post :) I love the title--it's so true.