Book Review - Bonds That Make Us Free

30 September 2016

I read this entire book in one sitting.  I was partly in a really-reading mood, and partly because we were getting a security system installed on our house, and so I had to remain centrally-located so the installer could ask me questions if needed.  Sitting in my comfy front room chair for 3 hours and reading worked out perfectly.

Ultimately, a good book.  I really admire C. Terry Warner and James Ferrell, because I like their endeavors to raise human consciousness in regards to relationships and dealing with others in all settings.  This book mirrors concepts to their other books:  Leadership & Self-Deception, Anatomy of Peace, The Peacegiver.

And now, my favorite quotes from the book:


The kind of people we are cannot be separated from the world around us.

To the extent that others are not real to us, we are guarded, alienated, and hardened... We get wrapped up in ourselves, worried about gathering evidence of our worth.

I-You and I-Thou, signifying how we are when we regard others as having their own inward lives and when we respect their hopes and needs as we do our own.

"Do you love yourself in the theater or the theater in yourself?"  In other words, "Do I love what I am doing, or do I love myself in doing it?"

>> I added this thought to my "Motherhood Journal."  Because I may not always love the tasks of what I am doing in motherhood, but I can love myself in doing it.  That self-love will cultivate better habits, better outlooks, better quiet time for myself, etc.

"Every force," says the Tao te Ching, "calls a counter-force."  But love is a power unmitigated.  It allows others their freedom.  Most ironically, it "compels" them to use that freedom.  They must respond one way or the other to our love.  If they yield, they do what love has invited them to do, which is to love us in return.  If they resist, they refuse that invitation and find a way to think of us as their enemy.

The teacher takes care never to give advice.  Why?  Because some individuals resent having others take over their judgment and tell them how to direct their lives, even if the advice givers are billed as experts.

                   >> HA!  So me!  This quote is SO me.

Can we trust our feelings?  The answer is:  It depends on what kind of feelings they are.  If they are feelings that come when we are yielding to the truth, we can trust them; if not, they will lead us astray.

Upward and onward,

Sphere of Influence: EFT Release

27 September 2016

I just did a really cool EFT session.

Certain things latch onto me so tightly; most things I let go so easily.  But yesterday, something hit the part of me that sticks.  A benign little judgement.  And I think through a tumble of things yesterday, it resulted in some anxiety last night, and then this morning, I felt powerlessness to this trapped emotion and my fatigue.  Which can result in a negative downward spin as my mind gets tighter and more unable to relax and get proper rest.  But with the upcoming birth, I am so determined to not let anything tighten within me, because blocked emotions will inhibit me from full relaxation in labor and will cause pain.

I laid in a cool bath and tried to figure out how to release this.  Meditation works really well for me when I am already released and liberated, but when I have something blocked inside of me, I cannot get very deep and my mind darts around.  I wondered if I should go see Janece - my friend who is a hypnotherapist, or Sharla or Shelley - my BodyTalk friends.

I decided after my bath I would do an EFT session.  I sat down on my bedroom floor and performed the practice out loud.  I began by tapping my hand and doing a lot of acceptance statements.  Accepting that I am someone who holds certain emotions tightly.  Someone who is influenced easily by this particular thing that happened.  All ending in "I still love and accept myself deeply."  Gah, that feels so good to say and really feel it.

Then I started through the tapping routine, first tapping through the specific situation and what I was feeling.  Then tapping through a bunch of "What if" questions, saying "What if I let this go?"  And then tapping through a series of "I have let go."  And then tapping through a series of "I am now full of safety, happiness, confidence, etc."

I focused a lot on my body and heart, releasing and letting go, and then, I intuitively moved towards strengthening my "My sphere of influence," as I came to call it.  Which is the energy around me that I allow to influence what I feel and think, coming from people or memories.  Observing things standing too close to me that shouldn't be there.  My Sphere of Influence should be guarded and protected and sacred.  So I pushed all these things out of it, and I strengthened it firmly and powerfully.  I must do this more often!

Once I was finally complete, I immediately noted a huge shift.  The frustration of this small situation was gone.  My mind felt no need to keep trying it back and flooding my body again - it was just vacant.  There was no power to get it back.  And moreso, my "sphere of influence" as I deemed it in this session felt SOO pure and powerful.  It had been cleared of all people who hold little critical voices in my mind.  I felt in control and happy and energetic!

I put on my Jason Derulo station and danced around and did some pregnancy stretches and labor exercises.  I felt so strong and confident and happy.  It was amazing!!  I made the bed, cleaned the room, danced around.

Really awesome shift.  I am SOOO happy these tools are available to me.

Upward and onward,

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Thinking of the Atonement as my Personal Altar

25 September 2016

I've been mulling over some thoughts about the Atonement for awhile, and I expressed them for the first time in Relief Society today because they correlated with the lesson.  A number of women came up to me afterwards and expressed such sincere appreciation for how much my words helped them.  Truly, the feeling was grand.  I felt connected to so many women.  That feeling of being looked squarely in the eyes and hearing, "Thaaaank yoooou for saying what you did" and knowing that we all feel the same at times.  I love that connection.

I expressed-

The first example of sacrifice we ever see in the scriptures is when Abraham brings his son Isaac to the altar to offer him up to God.  The altar then becomes the first symbol of exchange between us as humans and God, where we offer something of ours to Him, and He promises something in return.

God continues to teach us through this idea of exchanging ourselves across an altar before Him.  We see our own altar really clearly in the ordinances of baptism and the Sacrament.

When we partake in the baptismal ordinance, we are performing a sacrifice of ourselves – our first exchange across a symbolic altar.  We bring our sins and repentant heart to God and exchange them for the Holy Ghost.  Then, each week, the Sacrament becomes our symbolic altar to renew the original baptismal exchange.  We create come to God with our broken hearts and contrite spirits, and we exchange them for His forgiveness and the Holy Ghost again.  Also, our evening prayers of repentance can serve as this same symbolic offer – putting our shortcomings and sadness on the altar and receiving forgiveness and comfort in exchange.  And so continually and frequently, we are coming to His altar of sacrifice and letting go and receiving better.

So the Atonement and “altar” have become synonymous in my mind.  The Atonement is always an exchange between something of our human selves and something of God’s Higher Self.  Here is our fumbling, and here is God’s touch.  We come to the Atonement altar with a sin, and we seek forgiveness.  We come to the altar with a despondent heart, and we seek comfort.  We come to the altar with doubt, and we seek reassurance.
And we must come to the altar over and over and over again.

And when Satan comes to attack us with discouragement and shame, trying to make us feel bad about something we did, we can say, "No, I don't have to.  I have already taken it to the altar and exchanged it with God."

We are fully freed in every exchange across the altar of the Atonement.

I always ponder on this quote from Elder Holand:

“We must be willing to place all that we have, not just our possessions (they may be the easiest things of all to give up), but also our ambition and pride and stubbornness and vanity--we must place it all on the altar of God, kneel there in silent submission, and willing walk away.”

The Atonement is so beautiful.

Even when you write out the word "aTonemenT," you can connect the tops of the T's and create a table structure - an altar.  Ha, anyway,

Upward and onward,


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