New Year! | Higher Vibrational Words

02 January 2017

"Your vitality"

       "Vibrant life"

                 "Flourishing health"

Upon listening again to one of my favorite books (Goddesses Never Age - talked about here), Christiane Northrup uses so many phrases like those above.  Every time I listen to her book, I'm reminded of how alive life can feel, simply from her words lifting my attitude.  I believe one of the best ways to raise our vibration is in the collection of words we think, say, and hear.

Since I always feel so good listening to Christiane's book, I decided to write down a list of high vibrational words.  They are all now featured on the side of our fridge, and every once in awhile, I'll select one of the words to put on our bathroom mirror to really meditate on. 

I love this concept of "raising one's vibration."  Because I love people who emit such a radiating energy.  Someone who makes me feel inspired and happy just by being in their presence.

And with the New Year, and everyone's posts of themes and shifts they'd like to make, I thought about the process of self-improvement and elevating ourselves.  Something I'm so passionate about.  As I kneeled on my bedroom floor writing out these lifting words and texting one of my best friends, Tim, I thought of how self-improvement and the process of becoming more like Christ is essentially just raising your vibration higher and higher, until your vibration - your natural essence - is so light, wholesome, and pure.  Until we become a reflection of His perfect demeanor.  

The best understanding I ever came across about raising oneself came from a book called Conscious Loving (mentioned here).  This book is about romantic relationships, and I believe the principle is best explained with that example, but it certainly holds connection to any system or person seeking to improve themselves.  

The book suggests that in a relationship, as a couple works to understand one another better and build more cohesion in their relationship, they will become elevated in how they interact with one another.  However, since our subconscious is programmed towards acting on a certain level, when we begin acting above that energy, over time, we will dip back into our original level of behavior because that is where we are programmed to be.  Basically our subconscious creating a bit of self-sabotage, as it sweeps over us and pulls us back to the level we are used to living.  Then we push ourselves upwards again, and over time, once again, we will fall back into our lesser version.  Forward and back.  Forward and back.  A better version of yourself isn't permanently sustainable right from the start.  Our subconscious isn't programmed for that elevation yet.  We have to keep pressing against our natural selves until that capacity is opened within us.  And then we can push again for another higher capacity.  It's very much a game of time and forgiveness.  And that has very much been the journey of my own self. Time and forgiveness.

I love this concept because it exudes so much grace in the journey!  Of course we will fall back.  And not because we are weak, but because we are still re-programming. 

So this year, I once again seek to raise my entire vibration a little higher.

And to begin, my word for the next while is laughing.  Because I think an easygoing, amicable spirit is very Christlike.  :)

Upward and onward,

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  1. What a great idea! I'm going to pay attention to the word you stick on the mirror also! I love how you talked about grace being such an important part of the process and how we don't need to put too much pressure on ourselves to never slide back while we climatize to a new habit.