Ryan goes snowcaving! A feat that Olympic athletes probably could not even do.

11 March 2017

Entry from Ryan!!!

Okay, so Ryan really posted this to our neighborhood facebook page, but I asked him if I could also post it to our blog scrapbook.  I got you all excited thinking that Ryan is blogging on here now too, right?  Ryan does have a blog..  a private one just for me! ;)  Anyway, here is a post "from" him!


Last night, the varsity scouts pulled off a very successful snowcaving campout! It was a blast! We had delicious chili cheese dogs, worked hard, learned valuable survival skills, and bonded as a troop. The feeling of accomplishment was something I heard many of the boys express. We finished off the evening with a great campfire devotional, where the spirit was in abundance as we talked about member missionary work and serving full time missions.


Chantel again:
How about that?  Digging and digging through the snow until you hollow out a cave large enough for 3-4 people to sleep in.  And then actually sleeping in it!  Men at church the next day were jealous that they had not been a part of it.

I came home from church and hugged my pillow and my bed and all the reachable heater vents.

And then I hugged Ryan because he's just so darn manly and such a good leader for these youth!



  1. That's crazy to me!! I like warm. But good for him! I'm glad it went so well.

  2. I was as warm as sleeping in my bed at home, no joke! :)